As previously mentioned, excessive CPU usage or abuse by certain customer web sites has been an increasing issue over the last few months, read the post below for details.

Since the last post, we have rolled out a number of changes that have already helped significantly. We have now modified the customer control panel to display CPU usage right under the disk and bandwidth usage, ie it is a lot more transparent and clear to customers. We have also added scripts that put an individualised log in each customer's account of any overly intensive MySQL queries their account uses, thus making it much easier to identify and fix MySQL related usage issues.

We have also deployed a script on each server that quickly identifies any user account that is using up dangerous amounts of CPU and automatically attempts to throttle it. This has worked very well, it allows us to avoid suspending such accounts, and instead allows the customer time to fix the cause, at which time the account is un-throttled. This situation is still fairly rare, only affecting 1 in 500 or so customers during their hosting lifetime, but it has meant that we have been able to almost completely eliminate the need to suspend accounts for high CPU usage without being able to provide significant warning time for customers.