We have had numerous product launches in our time, and almost always, the people most excited by the launch are the marketing department. This time, it appears everybody but the marketing people are excited.

Free Online Storage, with no hidden catches or highly restrictive clauses. It's not tied to any particular software or company products, it's not overly fancy with features that just get in the way. It's as simple as we could make it, because that seems to be what is missing in the marketplace but also because it's much easier for us to support, and since it's free, we don't really want to be getting involved with complicated usage issues.

It is very simply a place you can store your digital files. Use plain old FTP, or add it as a windows network drive and drag and drop files. As the server is actually located in Australia, it will be much faster to upload files to it than most free storage alternatives.

So what is the catch? Why are we doing it?

The simple answer, is because we can, very easily and cheaply. Webcity already has one of the largest networks of servers in Australia, and one of the largest capacity links to the internet. It will cost us very little extra to provide this service. We do however see a potential market for more advanced storage solutions in the near future and what better way to prepare for that than by starting off with a basic but high capacity solution.

It will also allow us to introduce our great range of paid products to a whole new set of potential customers.

Anyway, have a look, have a play, use it if you want: