Over the last 13 years, Webcity's primary product has been shared hosting. Dedicated servers and VPS products have been around for a long time, but are simply not appropriate for the vast majority of small business owners. At the same time, more and more people are outgrowing the limits that a shared hosting environment contains, so what is the answer?

In the last few years in particular, visit almost any tech forum or blog and there will be an endless list of people listing various reasons why they can no longer have their web sites on a standard shared hosting environment, they need to run specific modules, or specific versions of PHP, or they have memory hungry apps or simply need more CPU power than is available in a shared hosting environment.

Almost always there is an immediate response from 'IT experts' that the obvious answer is a dedicated server or increasingly a VPS. There is one big problem with this, very few businesses have the ability to manage a server by themselves, even if they have internal IT staff. Running a web server of any sort requires very specialised knowledge and experience, it is simply not something an office IT person can do properly.

At Webcity we have been looking at a solution for a number of years as part of our regular Webcity reviews. We did a lot of research within our customer base to see what they wanted and what they did not want, and we tried a number of technologies. Earlier this year we finalised a solution and have built the platform. We then put a number of customers on it for extensive testing and tweaked the solution to get a final version. This is now ready and live.

The Webcity Private Server is a hybrid of our industry leading shared hosting platform and the latest virtualisation technologies. It is essentially a VPS, you get your own dedicated memory, cpu, disk and operating system, but, very importantly, it is fully configured and managed by us. We have developed a very simple interface so customers can still manage their web sites just as easily as they normally do, but we do all the rest, ie secure the OS, install, configure and maintain all the software running on it and take full responsibility for the server. We provide a guarantee that the server will remain secure and operational 99.9% of the time.

Customers will be able to upgrade to a Private Server without needing any extra knowledge whatsoever, they get all the benefits of a VPS without the significant issue of having to maintain it.

The base price of $49.95/month provides an unbeatable value for money deal, and combined with our automated tools that allow existing cPanel accounts to be migrated and converted into the new platform, will provide customers a very quick, simple and risk free upgrade option when they need it.

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