Webcity was created in 1997. The internet was a very different place back then, domain names set you back $140 for 2 years, the average hosting plan was $50/month, broadband/DSL was only a concept, and spam was only starting to appear.

The initial concept for Webcity was for it to provide a wide range of internet services. This remains the case to some degree, but we are now firmly focused on the provision of web hosting services to the small business market. Around this core service, we do also provide a full range of services; domain name registration, SSL certificates, marketing products and e-commerce solutions.

In 2001, Webcity became the first provider in Australia to introduce fully cloacked, free URL Forwarding with our domain registration services. It had a significant impact on our sales volumes and was the start of a rapid growth phase in our business.

In January 2008, we became the first Australian provider of clustered cPanel servers. This allows us to easily move accounts between physical servers if they develop hardware issues or to carry out maintenance, thus avoiding any significant downtime or outage.

In July 2008, we moved our office to new, custom built premises in Parramatta, including a dedicated NOC and helpdesk centre. One significant outcome of this move was the reduction of our phone hold times from around 4.5 minutes to just under 1 minute. In January 2009, we extended our phone support coverage to 24/7.

Our customer base has grown at over 25% a year for the last 6 consecutive years, and we now get 70% of our sales from word of mouth. We currently experience a customer retention rate of 96% on our hosting products (excluding dead accounts).

As a result, as of June 2009, Webcity is Australia's 2nd largest retail hosting provider.

We would very much like to thank all our customers for trusting us with the business and for their ongoing support. We hope to continue to meet and exceed your expectations for a long time to come.

Bennett Oprysa